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Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan in 1974.

Formed a two-piece garage rock band "DIONYSOS".

Produced a cassette album in 1997.

Started to play at clubs in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Appeared in a radio show Locals Only for Y107 in Los Angeles, California. 

After a breakup of the band, recorded songs with a multi-track tape recorder in his room playing various instruments.

Distributed 600 tapes to record shops, thrift stores, etc in Los Angeles, California. 

Signed a contract with BMG Music Publishing Japan,Inc.

Released an album “SPACE AVAILABLE" from a Detroit based indie label Twist Top Records in 1999. 

Started to perform solo at clubs in Tokyo after producing “Sail On, My Gal”, an acoustic album in 2006.

Created a few pieces of music for Tomoko Arima's photo exhibition in 2007.

Produced "Transistor-ep".

Some of the songs were used on BMW International Website as well as for 'RADING PROJECT'.

Released an album "KOSMIC" from the self-owned label maimai records in 2014. 

Formed a band for live shows, played at clubs and festivals in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Organized Cambodia Charity Rock Festival in 2015 and 2016 to help improve educational environment for Cambodian children. 

Released a charity single “Life in Cambodia” from maimai records in 2016.




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