​All tracks written, performed and produced by KOSMIC except the guitar solos on track 1 and track 5 performed by Haiji Kohno

​Release Year : 2014

Label : maimai records


All tracks written, performed and produced by KOSMIC

​Release Year : 1999

Label : Twist Top Records



All tracks written and produced by KOSMIC

Musicians are : KOSMIC on bass, acoustic guitar and vocals

Haiji Kohno on guitars

Noriyuki Sugata on drums and percussion

Members of  Yakusoku Project  on chorus

Recorded at Chapter House by Harunobu Kashimura

Release Year : 2016

​Label : maimai records

50% of earnings from this album is donated to 'Yakusoku Project

to support build schools in Cambodia.

"Cosmic(KOSMIC) is Kozumi Nakamura, playing a whole bunch of things including; vacuum cleaner and glass of water with straw. 

He seems determined to make this sound more like a various artists compilation than the work of one band, let alone, one person. 

Unifying themes would be a rhythmic core and strong pop-sense. "Bora Bora" is like tropical snooze groove, "Listen to the Music" is Can heard over transistor radio, "Space Fog Gas Station" is a wordless psychedelic slice of dreamy buzz, "Day We Met" is another non verbally vocal number that sounds like a snippet of 60's, Euro-cinema soundtrackery, while "Distorted" is sorta Pulsars meet Dinosaur Jr. and fully lives up to it's name. "Cut Throat" is an acoustic blues instrumental, and "Gringo" sounds like the 3rd Man theme's drunk younger brother. 

Rumi's guest female wordless vocals on "Anna", help make it the breezy springtime soundtrack it deserves to be."

                   - George Parsons(DREAM MAGAZINE)